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Brooklynz Pizza
Based on 178 reviews
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Ali AAli A
04:16 04 Jan 23
If you wanna a quick slice of delicious pizza stop by here
Wilson LiangWilson Liang
20:41 16 Sep 22
This place serves up great NY style pizza! Please give more love
David ChoDavid Cho
04:39 24 Aug 22
Solid thin crust pizza! If you want a New York style pie, this is probably the closest you will get in the general area. Love that they have pizza by the spice even late in the evening, which is rare. Service was very good too.There was just one person there, so probably gets a little hectic as he was taking our order while trying to get a pizza ready for pick up. Not his fault, but was kinda obvious. Non the less, was helpful and didn’t try to rush us.The pizza itself was pretty good. Love the crunchy edges, but I prefer a chewier dough and the sauce and toppings were a little light. True to the NY slice, but somehow the flavors in NY and other places on the west side of LA just pop more. Definitely a must try if you are in the area.
Yonic MarinYonic Marin
06:11 28 Jan 22
Update: new prices have gone into effect for 2022. The quality is still the same great taste. However these prices have gone up significantly. At least up by 20%. I understand inflation is hitting everything but this way too much. I’m sorry to say I won’t be coming here for a while.As a native New Yorker from Queens, this is the closest and best NY style pizza this area has to offer. The pizza is perfect. Cheese, sauce and thin crispy crust. For the past six months I have ordered regularly from here. I order over the phone and directly to the store. Each time the pizzas were ready in 25 minutes or less. Absolutely perfect. I have to drive 11 minutes home and it’s still hot and perfect. If you’re complaining about the geese, get over yourself. You know absolutely nothing about NY pizza.I’ve never ordered the slices they have ready. Only pies to go.
Wes PaulWes Paul
05:27 18 Sep 19
If you're a fan of NYC or you're from NYC and feeling home sick and misses the lifestyle and the pizza at New York, well this is the place to go.I wouldn't say that its better than any of the pizza that I have in NY but it's the closest thing that we Californians could get. In fairness to this place if we go in to details about it, New York water is different than LA therefore to those who think that the pizza in this place is like NY or we will be the same level well sorry to break the news to you it will never be.However... Here is the big BUT. This place holds its own flavour and quality. Why? The pizza taste great it's not your typical Pizza Hut, Papa John's or Domino's its actually quite good. The bread is chewy and not too hard or not too soft and they put a lot of topings in their pizza.Yes it isn't the same as NY but it can definitely compete against other pizza parlours that claims that they are New York style pizza.Yes the wait is a little long but it's understandable because the guy makes the pizza right in front of you. The gentleman over there also offered us a free drink while we wait. Very professional and courteous of him. My wife and I would definitely go back to get a slice or two.


Welcome to Brooklynz Pizza, the home of the best New York Style Pizza in town! With three convenient locations in Artesia, Fullerton, and Rancho Cucamonga, we've been serving up delicious pies and satisfying hungry customers for years.

Our pizza is made with the freshest ingredients and cooked to perfection in our traditional stone ovens, resulting in a crispy, thin crust and a mouth-watering taste that will leave you wanting more. But we don't just stop at pizza - our menu is full of other delicious options, including local favorites like Chicken Wings, Garlic Knots, Salads and Cheese Pie. Trust us, it's worth the taste.

And what's a pizza without a refreshing drink to wash it down? Be sure to add one of our favorite sodas or have a refresing cold beer on draft to your order.

We're proud to partner with food delivery companies for fast and reliable delivery and takeout options, but if you prefer to pick up your order, we also offer convenient curbside pickup. And don't forget to check out our regular deals to make your pizza dollars stretch further.

So come on down to a Brooklynz Pizza location in Artesia, Fullerton and Rancho Cucamongo and experience why we're one of the most popular pizza places in town. We pride ourselves on creating a family-friendly environment where everyone is welcome. So bring your kids and enjoy a slice (or a whole pizza) together!


Brooklynz Pizza accepts credit cards. That makes it easy to get your pizza sooner.


Tel: (562) 608-1310

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